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Works (in-progress)

 "The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress." -Philip Roth

Bryan Maldonado
Ché is for Xocólatl 
A novella 
The Gift of Tongues
Stories and essays of growing up Guatemalan in Los Angeles. 

 The Song of the Hummingbird: A collection of one-act plays.


Express Lane Blues: A collection of poetry. 


Fire-Light Fireflowers: A collection of short stories. 


Here Be Monsters*: a fantasy novelette. 


How Long Must Forever Last?*: A collection of fairy tales told and retold. 


*working titles  



Nostradamus Was a Fortune Cookie


                                                 A novel


 Jared, Jason and Jamie are identical triplets who tell each other everything... Except what they don't want anyone else to know.  Like the time in the sixth grade when Jared stole his best friend's Gameboy; or the time Jamie paid for that girl's trip to the "Clinic;" or the first time Jason kissed a boy and then cried over his Bible all night. 

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